Terry Francona on Kluber’s struggles, Bauer’s usage

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Tito recaps the Indians' ALDS Game 1 loss to the Astros.

- Yeah, the fourth inning was, you know, a really tough inning. I think they made him throw 33, 35 pitches. It just seemed like, with his two-seamer, when he when he left it up, they made him pay. I mean, I think they pretty much did that with our whole staff. Yeah, when we made mistake, they-- they had the four home runs, and they showed us they can score runs getting hits, also. But the damage was done on balls that were elevated.

MC: Anthony-- mic behind you.

ANTHONY: Tito, you stress before the game that, you know, when you go to your bullpen, you are in your bullpen. But I'm just curious, you know, with the effort it took Kluber to get through the fourth, was there any temptation to go to the pen for the fifth, and maybe specifically Bauer there?

- No. Because like you say, once you go, you know, you're committed to-- you know, if you win five innings, and four if you lose. We've got a game tomorrow. So we wanted to, once we were behind, wanted to try to keep it where it was, not have the guys pitch too much, but also get them in and maybe take some of the rust off.

MC: A few more for Terry. Anthony again.

ANTHONY: And then any surprise that they were so-- that Hinch was so aggressive with Verlander? You know, the first sign of trouble there-- going to the bullpen there.

- Oh, I-- I got my hands full here. I don't ever manage the other team.

MC: A few more. Paul.

PAUL: What did you think of Verlander after seeing him so much with Detroit?

- He's tremendous. I mean, their whole staff, you know, is very good. He had power. He had a breaking ball. You know, when you're throwing 96, 97, and you can throw a 3-2 breaking ball, he presented a lot of challenges for our hitters.

MC: Hunter, in the back.

HUNTER: What did you think of Trevor Bauer in this game, and how might using him today factor into a potential game four start for him?

- He needed to-- regardless, I mean, we're not even thinking about game four. You know, now our sights are set on game two. But I thought it was important for him to get in and pitch. With Trevor, he could probably pitch every game. If he doesn't, getting in was important for him. We didn't want him to go 10 days without pitching.

HUNTER: Do you read anything into Corey's outing today? Is this just one bad outing? When you look back at the way he struggled last year in the postseason, do you have any concern at all about where he is right now?

- Last year has nothing to do with today. They're a good team. He made a couple mistakes. They made him pay for it.