Eugenio Suarez claims that pitchers got lucky during his September slump

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Eugenio Suarez hits another home run to center field

- We're with Eugenio Suarez who hits a home run back to back days. September has been a tough month as far as power numbers go. How good does it feel, home run on back to back days?

- It feels great, you know. After a little bit of struggling, [INAUDIBLE] you know, hitting a homer back to back days feels amazing. And the best part today was we got a W. it's better for us. Michael, he did a really good job, the bullpen worked hard, and we got a win.

- Coming into the month of September, you know, you got to 30 plus home runs. You got to your 100 RBIs. How tough a month has it been when those numbers cooled off and it didn't go your way for most of September?

- You know, it's tough. This is baseball. Sometimes, you get it, sometimes the pitcher got lucky. And this month, I tell you, pitcher got lucky. You know, this is baseball. Feels great, but you know, my numbers are still there, you know. I'm working hard every day to finish hard this season. That's it.

- With a long term contract, you're one of the cornerstones of the organization. How much are you looking forward to hard work in the off season and to get back at it next season and really make improvements as a team?

- You know, next season is going to be really good for us. You know, we got a lot of good talent in this team. And [INAUDIBLE] working, preparing my body, my work out, and then all season be better next year.

- Congratulations on the Big day. Congratulations on the victory, and thanks for joining me.

- Thank you very much, Gene Day. Have a good day, Day. Thank you.