Corey Kluber focuses on giving Indians a chance to win, not on his personal wins

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Kluber reflects on winning his 20th game of the season and how team success is more important to him.

REPORTER: You weren't nervous, were you?

- No. No. I mean, you know, 20 wins is cool. It's-- it's a nice round number. But, you know, I think as long as we won the game, that's obviously the main goal.

REPORTER: For you, what was working tonight that made things work for you?

- I think, for the most part, I had pretty good command of-- of my pitches. I don't think that there was one that-- that really stood out. I think it was just being able to-- to throw all four pitches, and mix them in in the right spots, and, you know, keep them off balance.

REPORTER: Your teammates seemed to be extremely excited to be able to get you 20 wins. What do you-- what does that mean to you to see how happy they are for that moment?

- You know, like I said, it's-- it's a cool-- it's a cool accomplishment, something to be proud of. But, you know, I think that it just means that-- the way I look at it is that I gave us a chance to win. You know, a lot of times, I think that there's-- there's times where they probably picked me up when I didn't and-- and maybe I-- I got credited with a win. But, you know, I think that, you know, obviously, when-- even last night, you know, everyone getting 100 RBIs, things like that, you know, we're all pulling for each other to-- to get to those-- those numbers that mean something.

REPORTER: Is this one of those things that you'll appreciate more maybe after the season is over and you can step back and think about the year in its entirety?

- Maybe. But like I said, I think that, you know, I-- I think it-- it comes down to, number one, staying healthy, being able to-- to take the ball, and-- and, number two, you know, being consistent enough to give the team a chance to win. I think that's the name of the game is to go out there and win ball games. And whether the starting pitcher gets credited with a win or somebody from the bullpen does, you know, I think, ultimately, the-- the main goal is just to win games.

REPORTER: Corey, how-- how do you feel about just where the team's at right now in terms of, you know, you got-- Andrew and Cody are looking like themselves and getting ramped up. Donaldson's playing a lot now. José and Kip have been getting used to the position. Just what do you think of just where the team stands as you're heading into the final week here?

- Yeah. I mean, I think that's one of the advantages of-- of clinching early is that we-- we were able to-- to work, you know, the-- that position change for those two. You know, Andrew's looked awesome since he's been-- since he's been back off the DL. Cody looked good tonight. You know, I know he had a-- he had a few days off, but, you know, I feel like he's been throwing the ball really well lately. So I think that, you know, things-- things are-- I don't want to say lining up, because you can't guess how things are going to go. But I think that guys are-- the guys are feeling good about where they're at right now, which is a good spot to be in.

REPORTER: Are you one to keep little souvenirs or mementos at all from milestones, or do you do-- ever do anything creative with them?

- I wouldn't say creative. I mean, I think Tony got some stuff authenticated for me. Yeah. I mean, most of my stuff that I have in my office isn't my own. So--


- No. It'll probably go in a box somewhere.