Trevor Bauer saw a lot of promise in his first start back from the DL

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Trevor Bauer returns after almost five weeks on the DL.

- Great. Miss that for sure. It's been a frustrating 5 and 1/2 weeks for me. No being able to be out-- --familiar setting, have something on the line.

Especially, jumping in-- jumping back in against a team like the Red Sox. They're the best team in baseball this year. So, it was fun.

Couldn't really sleep last night. A good bit of adrenaline, which is-- Generally, I sleep pretty well the night before a start. So, kind of cool to be like a little kid again and looking forward to the tournament on the weekend or the big game coming up on Saturday or whatever. Whatever the case is.

INTERVIEWER: Though this isn't the finish line, but just to cross this threshold-- The importance of just kind of proving to yourself, you know, that it's in there. You can kind of just let it go. Just how important is that step in this recovery process?

- I never really doubted that. That I would be able to turn it loose.

Generally, have a pretty good-- I don't know exactly how to say it-- I'm pretty good, mentally, at being able to flip that switch. I go through it all the time in the off season. You know?

That's part of the benefit of having the off season program that I do and the velocity training that I do. As you see a number on the radar board. And you're like, OK, that's not good enough. And you to find a way to access the next step, the next level. Same thing facing hitters all the time in the off season.

So, I never really doubted that. But what was super encouraging is that from the bullpen to live BP to the game, seeing mechanical improvement all three times, seeing the stuff tick up all three times, the health, the feeling in the ankle has been better all three times.

So, everything's trending in a very positive direction. I thought my command was actually better than what I expected it to be. And generally, after a long lay off, I spray balls everywhere. And I was, at least somewhat, around the plate tonight.

So, definitely was happy with that. Stuff was better than it was in live BP. And I would expect that to be better again next time, when I have a-- Well, actually, I get to throw in an ideal timeline. I get to throw in four days. So, my stuff should be excellent.