Yonder Alonso describes his time in Cleveland

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Yonder Alons shares his experience since moving to Ohio

ANDRE KNOTT: It's been a great pick up for the Tribe. And when you look at it, I know Jensen and others in the Cleveland media have done a whale of a job any time Yonder has a big game or comes up with a big hit in comparing his numbers to what Carlos Santana did for the Cleveland Indians last year or what they're doing this year. The numbers have been very comparable, and obviously the contract has worked out very well for the Indians.

And I don't want to get too caught up in the numbers because Carlos did things within the organization, within the clubhouse day in and day out, that worked. But so far, it's been really good for Yonder Alonso, on and off the field. So I asked him today has this place been everything you thought it would be when you signed with the Indians?

YONDER ALONSO: We've been in first place for the majority of the season. I think the guys are-- obviously they've welcomed me every day. I've learned an incredible amount of information obviously, from a mental standpoint to a physical standpoint, from all the guys here. So yeah, I think it's been obviously a good welcoming for myself and my family--