Tyler Naquin wasn’t phased by the Texas heat in the Tribe’s 16-3 win

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Tyler Naquin was cool as a cucumber in the Texas heat facing Bartolo Colon

- Tyler, on a night like this, you're going against a guy like Bartolo who is very good at keeping the game where it's at. What had changed in that fifth inning when you guys exploded?

- You know, man, he-- I mean he hits the spot so well, man. I mean he's been in the game for what, 20 years or something like that. He's so good at what he does. But I mean you know whenever you miss and we've got some guys on here that can drive the baseball. And I think it just kind of-- the game catches up with you a little bit. But man, he's-- I mean his numbers and his career speaks for himself. You know, just not his night. But he came out swinging and being aggressive.

- For you guys, for you. I know after you went on the DL-- you were in a good groove before you went on the DL-- And you've been hitting the ball the other way better. You've been hitting pitches up in the zone. But tonight, we saw the power stroke back for you. What has changed for you a little bit?

- Yeah, man. That's not something I'm striving for either. I think it's just mainly putting my body in the right position. And you know that as well, man. You're here every day. And it's just seeing adjustments and adjustments, adjustments. And rather doing it from day to day, it's being able to do it at bat to bat and then pitch to pitch, just being able to figure out how you're feeling, how you're tracking, and just things like that.

- With the news that we know about the outfield situation and knowing that you guys want to be in the World Series, does that relax you a little bit knowing I got an opportunity to go out here and show what I got and really go out and be myself?

- Yeah, man. I mean just go out and keep playing hard. And that was the goal from the very beginning. And just it's unfortunate with some of the things that have happened. But just go out here, keep on playing my game, man. And each day gets more comfortable and feeling better at the plate. And it's all starting to come together.

- All right. You're from Texas. And you're tired. It's hot. But your smile. Look at you.

- I'm saying I'm tired just to be on y'all's level. I'll be all right.

- I'm going to be all right too. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Good job, man.

- Thanks, brother. See you guys.