All-Star Jose Ramirez knew he was going to hit a home run

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Jose Ramirez knew he could take Luis Severino deep

- Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor, what these guys have meant to this team both offensively, defensively, and in the clubhouse. Because these two have definitely emerged now as team leaders.

- Yeah. You know, the one thing that Art says that I love is they're the Energizer bunnies. They come in and energize. You guys are in the clubhouse before games here at home. They come in and they energize guys from 3 o'clock on to serious business.

Here's a quick story that I got to tell you guys about last night and Jose Ramirez. So after his first at bat, he gets a single through the middle. And guys are asking, what was he throwing to you. He was like, ah, he was not giving me any fastballs. And he says, when he throws me one, I'll get it. So after he hits the home run, he came back and he yells, 99 all mine.

To me, it's amazing. Jensen, you pitched in the big leagues. I know what Frankie does is amazing. They both have amazing traits. I always get asked who's more important. I can't answer. But I will tell you this. When you've got a guy that plays third base that tells you, no matter how hard that guy is throwing on the mound I'm going to get it, and he gets it, that opens some eyes, boys.