Jason Kipnis points out the craziest part of Indians’ 19-4 win

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Kip & Andre Knott discover one of baseball's scoring quirks.

ANDRE KNOTT: I don't do this very often. The all-Star break is later than usual. It seems like it's been a long first half. Yankees are coming to town. Four games. You're going to see their best. They're going to see your guys' best. Is that exciting for you guys to close out the first half with them?

JASON KIPNIS: I think so. Because a lot of times you don't want to look ahead. And it's natural for you to look towards the break, and, not necessarily coast, but play it out and see what happens. I think the fact that this will be a good challenge. I think they swept us at their place. Hopefully, we can return the favor, and kind of see where we're at. So it'll keep us in it that we're playing a tough opponent, one that we might see down the road.

ANDRE KNOTT: You know what the craziest thing that happened tonight? Look up there at that board. There was a save Plutko.


ANDRE KNOTT: There's a 15-run difference and he got a save.

JASON KIPNIS: Frankie, 1-5, home run. I'm 2-3, two walks, and a home run. I can't even make the board.

ANDRE KNOTT (LAUGHING): Great job, Kippy.