Mike Clevinger tips his cap to Reds’ hitters, Indians’ defense behind him

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Clevinger breaks down his 11-strikeout loss to the Reds.

- Found their barrel. So it was almost like, here's the good one. Here's the good one. All right, here's the terrible one. And that's kind of how the night went.

And they took advantage of every ball I threw in the middle of the plate. I think they batted .500 tonight on balls in play, or something like that. Like, I made good pitches, but it seemed like every single one was under a magnifying glass-- every miss. But I mean, that inconsistency can't happen.

REPORTER: The bottom far example of that when you were ahead on 2, and then kind of [INAUDIBLE].

- I mean, that one's kind of different just because of the way the game was playing out at that point. We didn't want to have a 2-out walk right there. So it's kind of just baseball being baseball with a good hitter at the plate.

More so the Winker at-bat really stands out. I mean, I had him in the palm of my hand and then just gave it up. And you know, I did that a couple of times tonight. It was him and Schebler. I did it to him, too. And it was just giving away outs, and that's not how you win baseball games.

REPORTER: Tyler Naquin's play was pretty big. What did you think of the catch he made?

- I mean, that was actually really similar to the one Zimmer made last year in center. Whereas I mean, you're not going to-- you're going to see one to three of those a year like that. And I'm just grateful it's always when I'm on the mound, it seems like, with those.

So I mean, I don't want that to get overlooked. I mean, they play so hard behind me, it seems like every time I'm out there. And I always appreciate that. And you know, without them, even with the whatever punch-outs, I would have had probably 6 or 7 earned runs if it wasn't for you know, them going all out for me.