Andre Knott provides the latest updates on the injured Indians

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Reporter Andre Knott updates Indians injury statuses

- Cookie is antsy. He's ready to go. In his one start in Akron, he threw over 65 pitches-- threw a couple extra in the bullpen. And honestly, his mile-per-hour and velo was up, so the expectations are that he should be able to jump right back in on Friday and keep things going with the rotation. So obviously there'll be a roster move before Friday night's game. We don't know what that'll be yet.

Brandon Guyer, who last night had that nasty foul ball-- really, I mean he just had a game where he was beat up-- but the foul ball that we all saw late in the game that made him come out of the game-- he's OK. Just has a deep bruise on his knee. He's walking around. He's available in tonight's game.

Lonnie Chisenhall right now is in a walking boot as he's dealing with that calf injury. They've MRIed it. They've looked at it. But right now there's no timetable, and as you guys know and most Indians fans know, we're going through an issue with Lonnie Chisenhall where he's had these calf injuries now over the last season and a half.

Now he had one last year at the all-star break that lasted almost seven weeks. If you remember, he didn't come back until right before the playoffs. They're hoping it's not that long, but with the problems that he's had with both the left and right calf, at this point in time, no one has any idea how long it will take. Hopefully we'll have more information on that maybe when the team gets back.

I know the name you guys truly are wondering about. I think everyone in Cleveland-- I think all of baseball. With the trade deadline where it's at and where the Indians are at in this division, everyone wants to know what's the latest with Andrew Miller. Andrew Miller on two days ago-- three days ago, excuse me-- Monday, threw off the mound back at home.

He was gonna throw today, but instead they're gonna hold off and wait until tomorrow at noon. He will go to the ballpark and he will throw off the mound. They want to do it this way because Carl Willis wants to watch him so they can get a good temperature on where he's at coming back from his leg injury.

And the other one I know that has been thrown out there, Ryan Merritt. I know he's pitched a couple games for Columbus. Ryan at this point in time is up to about 80 to 85 pitches. Still the velo has not come up, guys, so they're still working and trying to get as many innings on that arm to try to get the velo back.

As Tito told me a couple of days ago, they're just at a point where Ryan Merritt, he needs innings. He needs to throw pitches to try to build up some strength in that arm.