Anthony DeSclafani expects Reds’ loss to be forgotten pretty quickly

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DeSclafani expects his club won't dwell on one bad game.

REPORTER: --through five innings you've made the one mistake. But in the sixth, did something change? What happened in that sixth inning?

- Just made some bad pitches, and they crushed them. You know, I got to be better there. You know, we have a big lead going into the sixth. And I kinda let them right back in that game, you know. It's-- that's-- can't do that. That's not acceptable.

So I think maybe I'm just trying to do too much. Once I get, you know, later in those innings, just trying to-- think I'm trying to make sure, you know, I complete them instead of just focusing on, you know, making quality pitches. So I just got to be better from here on out.

REPORTER: As a team, is this one of these-- these losses that will eat at, not only you, but the whole team just because-- just because of what happened? It certainly wasn't the prettiest game.

- No, I don't think so. We've been playing too good of baseball to get hung up on this one game. You know, we've been so positive, and we've been so upbeat that I don't think this game's gonna affect us one bit. You know, I think we're gonna get right back on the horse tomorrow and just keep playing some good baseball. You know, it was a long night, but we'll be ready to go. We'll have an off-day, and then we've got a lot of fun games coming up here on this next road trip.