Manager Jim Riggleman refuses to make excuses for Sal Romano after sub par performance

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Sal Romano kept his team in the game but his manager expects more

REPORTER: Well, Jim, it's rare that this bullpen struggles, but that ninth inning pretty much gave them the separation they needed to take the game.

- Yeah, no question. When it was 2-1, I was feeling pretty good about it. But they won us 3-1. Obviously, it's going to be much tougher. But with two outs and nobody on, they scored five.

That was the difference, obviously, but early in the game, it was 2-0. It felt like it was 5-0. And next thing you know, they let us hang around. We got a chance. But we didn't take advantage of it.

But it wasn't so much we didn't take advantage. Anderson really threw well. He and Hader came in and really threw the ball well. And was pretty much the story of the game.

REPORTER: It appeared that Sal wasn't-- He didn't have his best stuff tonight, but he managed to keep you guys in the game. As you're going forward, is that a positive for him and you to take on?

- I don't draw much positive out of that tonight. Sal's better than that. He faced 25 hitters in five innings. That's not going to cut it.

So he's better than that. He's thrown better than that lately, and tonight he was a little bit all over the place. And like I said, it felt like it was 5-0. It was only 2-0, but that was not a positive outing.