Jim Riggleman made two key substitutions that paid off in a big way

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Riggleman chats with Jeff Piecoro after the Reds' come-from-behind win.

- So Skip, those four-game sweeps are not easy, but they sure are sweet, aren't they?

- Well, yeah. You know, it's-- it's really hard against a really good club like that to win consecutive games, period. But you know, as I said before the game, we were focused on today's game. It wasn't about a sweep. You know, it's about trying to just get better and better and win some ballgames, you know?

And we just really have put a nice string of games together. And today, we were down. But these other games, we were up and really just played pretty flawless. Today, we were down, but we kept pushing. And we came back and got them.

JEFF PIECORO: Today, you made two great moves, obviously, Lorenzen with the pinch hit home run and then Winker with the pinch hit home run, as well.

- Well, yeah. You know, with-- with Lorenzen, it's a matter of not really wanting to use a bench player there with nobody on base. If we had somebody on base, it would have been somebody else hitting.

With Wink, you know, he's a great option to have off the bench. He's-- he's done great things for us coming off the bench. You know, we love having him in the lineup regularly. But, you know, I think anybody who watches us daily realizes how good these four guys are.

And it's-- it's a bit of a puzzle to figure out which one of them's going to sit. But when Wink sits, he's particularly productive when he comes off the bench.

JEFF PIECORO: I thought that Peraza in that seventh inning gave you two really nice at-bats. He gets the base hit, and then he works a 1-2 count to a walk for an RBI, as well.

- Yeah. That was huge because Strop was-- you know, he was teasing him with some sliders there, and he laid off. He-- he didn't check swing it or anything. He just spit on it, and that was a huge run.

JEFF PIECORO: Finally, what happened to Sal? He's rolling right along and hit that fifth inning.

- I don't know. You know, that was-- he threw a lot of bad pitches that inning, you know? And after being so clean for the first four and then that inning, he-- two-- two ground ball hits. That's-- you know, that's baseball. That's-- that's what we want him to do is get ground balls.

But then they tried to bunt the runner over-- the runners over. And Montgomery took a pitch for a strike that really was not a good pitch in that situation. He kind of hung him a breaking ball that that could have been bunted. And then, you know, he got away with that one, but he didn't get away with anything else the rest of that inning.

REPORTER: Jim, how impressed are you with just the fight and resilience you've seen from this team at least the last seven games of this seven-game winning streak?

- I think we've pretty much done that for a long time. You know, we've been-- we've-- we've never quit. We've always battled. But, you know, that's a little bit of a-- a thing that I think all teams say when they're down and they come back and win.

But, you know, it's Major League Baseball. You've got the pride and the honor of wearing a Major League uniform, you better be getting after it for nine innings. And our guys do.

REPORTER: How much more gratifying is it, though, when you're seeing a winning result like you have been?

- Well, that's-- that's the part. You know, when you-- when you do it and you win the game, it kind of puts the exclamation point onto the players of what people are always trying to pound them.

You know, just keep playing. Let's go. You never know. And, you know, today was a great result.