Bengals 1st-round pick Billy Price throws out 1st pitch at GABP

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Price took the mound at GABP and threw to Scooter Gennett.

REPORTER: You kick things off here tonight with the first pitch. Now, have you ever done a first pitch before, is my first question?

- No, never done a first pitch.

REPORTER: Were you nervous?

BILLY PRICE: Yes. It was actually more nerve wracking than running out of a tunnel at Ohio Stadium.

REPORTER: Come on.

BILLY PRICE: 110,000 versus whatever this stadium holds. It was a little nerve wracking, yeah.

REPORTER: So Scooter Gennett caught the first pitch, or tried to catch the first pitch. And then took it a step further with a three-point stance. Were you' ready for him?


- I wasn't ready to take him on. He's a little bit quicker than I am.

- You could put Scooter Gennett in your pocket. That wouldn't be a problem.