Jim Riggleman pleased with Reds resiliency on Fathers Day

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Jim Riggleman gives his take on Reds victory

REPORTER: We're always talking about insurance runs. Add on runs. You needed them today.

- Well, we did. And we missed a couple. You know? Kind of a little bit of momentum breaker when we made the baserunning mistake. And then, those couple runs, maybe we didn't get there. You could just feel it, that they energized there dugout a little bit.

They put us on it that last few innings. They made it very hard for us to win that game. Everybody's pitching, and playing, and running, stealing bases, making plays, giving 100%. But the Pirates are getting after it.

REPORTER: You get a 2-run home run from Suarez. Some insurance from Schebler. And then Billy Hamilton hits today 3 runs. And boy, as good a catch as we've seen.

- Yeah. Billy, early in the game, making those plays. Two plays. One up against the wall, and one into right center. The one in right center has got to be right there with as good a play has been made all year. And stuck three hits out there. Stole a couple of bases. And as he did in Kansas City, the one game there, he showed us why we need him out there.

REPORTER: How about Anthony Desclafani? Were you pleased with his effort today?

- Yeah, I was. He did a good job. Hot, humid day. I think both pitchers were fighting the elements a little bit. But he really battled. He had a little string there where he was mowing them down pretty good. And then as the Pirates do, they run all those left-handers up there against you. And they're threats. And so, we made the move.

REPORTER: Was that the decision because of the left-handers coming up? Or was it the heat? Or was it all the factors?

- It was everything. It was my confidence in Amir. I didn't want the left-hander there, Moran, to be able to tie it up on us. He had already hit one against us. And I just felt like instead of letting him get another look at a right-hander, we had a very fresh bullpen. And we were going to use them all up with an off-day tomorrow.