Jim Riggleman wants to see more situational hitting from his Reds

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Jim Riggleman upset with teams loss to Pirates

REPORTER: Well, your offense has taken a two-game slowdown.

- Yeah. We didn't situational hit good last night or tonight or today. And we got some big hits in Kansas City. We didn't get a lot of hits.

So we just got to get it going. You go through these things. And we got a good offensive ball club. We've shown that many times. And we just-- we're in a little funk here. We're not getting some timely hits.

REPORTER: Luis Castillo gives up two home runs today. Why do you think the home run ball has plagued him so much this season?

- I don't know, other than the ball-- he's a guy who likes to get some sync on his fastball. And it must be flattening out and just not getting any sync, just kind of running to the center of the plate. And major league hitters are going to make you pay for that.

But Luis continues to do a good job. He's battling. He's growing as a pitcher. And he gave up three. That still gives us a chance. We just didn't do anything offensively to allow him to stay in there.

REPORTER: For Brandon Dixon, I know you would love it to come on a win, but a pretty big moment for the kid today.

- Yeah, he's worked real hard to get here. He's had a couple great springs for the ball club. And he was really putting together a big year in Triple-A. And he's been a valuable guy for us to know we can move him around anywhere on the field. And for him to get one today like that, that's huge. It's-- that's one for his trophy case.