Joey Votto: ‘You can’t lead the league in triples stopping at second’

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Votto jokes about his rare feat.

- Why not get to third, right? You can't lead the league in triples stopping at second, right?

REPORTER: Perhaps you're energized because of your DHing tonight. What do you think about this DH thing?

- I thought it was-- I don't like it. But I'll take it. And it's a new experience. I wish I was out here with the guys. I wish I was on the bench and there's a rhythm I'm used to.

But to be able to come through in the 10th inning and fulfill my role as the designated hitter, I'm glad that I didn't put together an ohfer and I got to help the team get a W. So it was a fun experience for me.

REPORTER: And finally, your offense has been clicking. Would have been a shame to go away and have Sal Romano be the losing pitcher tonight, he had a heck of an outing.

- Well, Ian Kennedy pitched very well also. And aside from a real clutch a home run in the ninth inning by Tucker Barnhart, it would have been a pitcher's duel won by Kennedy.

And, of course, Sal looked great-- or at the very least, he competed very, very well today and that's exactly what we want to see out of him, and it's exciting.

REPORTER: Congrats on the win, thanks for your time.

- Yeah, thank you. Always good when we win. Always good when we win. It's always good when we win

REPORTER: Thank you very much.