Nick Wright on how it’s become so easy to expect greatness from LeBron

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The FS1 host joined Jeff on Cavs Live to discuss LeBron's greatness and how it's so common and expected.

- His streak of scoring 10 or more points in now 873 consecutive regular season games is absolutely historic in proportion. And I think when you compare it to other sports, it might be at the top of some really, really impressive lists.

NICK WRIGHT: People need to understand that this was considered an unbreakable record and that there is no one playing today that has any shot-- except for, I suppose, you could pick a first or second year player. But any of the established veterans, they've all turned an ankle or they've all been ejected in the first quarter or they've all just had the terrible, awful shooting night, where you go two for 17, you don't get there. This streak dating back as long as it has, when LeBron is playing 70 plus games almost every year-- it's hard to wrap your arms around it. Just like LeBron, in game three on the three pointer to cut it to a one point game after Steph his his one three, he passed Michael Jordan's all time playoff record for 30 point games. They didn't even mention it on the broadcast.

- You expect greatness.

NICK WRIGHT: Exactly right. Exactly right. He passes all these thresholds, and they don't even get acknowledged on the broadcast.