Cody Allen records another 4-out save to beat the Brewers

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Closer Cody Allen locks down consecutive victories

- Obviously, you want to try and limit those struggles early on in season. But you know, this team, you know, when these guys get rolling, you know, we're going to get it going in the right direction. You know, we feel like the right pieces are in this clubhouse to go win a lot of baseball games. You know, it's just about trying to get better every single day and show up and find some consistency. And, you know, I think we're on our way.

REPORTER: The bullpen has certainly taken its share of lumps, you know. But when you get out in like last night from Ramirez, and today Ramirez, Perez, and then yourself, that's a big pick-me-up also.

- Those are big shots in the arm. You know, obviously our starting rotation has been kind of what has been our saving grace. And then obviously offensively, you know, in the month of May we had the best offensive team in baseball. So those guys, you know, we kind of rode their backs for a little bit.

So we're going to try and do our part to maybe ease the burden a little bit on our starters. Those guys are out there working their tails off every day. So we're, you know, we're looking forward to the challenge of trying to pick up some innings and pitch well, and pitch well in these tight ball games like-- offense like we just faced two days in a row. We've got a road trip here against two clubs that, you know, will be a challenge, and we're excited to go compete against.

REPORTER: Any different mentality for you when you do the four out save? You've done it before, but any difference?

- No. I'd say the only thing is, you know, after coming in, you know, you're just trying to stay in the moment, you know, and give yourself a chance to go back out there and stay locked in and make any adjustments accordingly.