Rajai Davis steals three bases in spot start against Milwaukee

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Rajai Davis made the most of his start against the Brewers

- Raj, how do you go a few days without playing and come out, and seems like you're able to swing the bat just the way you've been doing it all season long?

- I mean, that's just, you know, God working with me. I ask Him for help and He helped me today. And I'm just thankful for-- that I got an opportunity to play and help us win.

- You and I talked before the game, and we always talk about being ready for the show. And it was-- you were aggressive on the base paths, and in a game like this, where it's a couple of runs scored, it's big to be able to get those extra bases. What were you able to pick up and steal in the bags that you got today?

- Well, I think they just gave me an opportunity to steal, and I just recognize when they give me an opportunity, and I was able to take advantage of it.

- Bullpen today, and yesterday. We all know there's been some struggles, but how nice is it to see back to back games where the bullpen's able to come in and take care of the starters, the way it's been set up to work?

- I think our bullpen is getting more confidence the more guys they get in. They're just going out there more and they're pitching with more determination, with more fire just on their faces. And it looks like-- you know, that they're just aggressive, and attacking the zone.

- You've been very great at how you handle yourself, how you prepare yourself. No matter who else is here, no matter if we're in March, if we're in April, June-- knowing the situation without fillers and everything else, how do you keep the confidence to just go about doing your job and maintaining a calmness about yourself?

- I think that goes back to, you know, just having my faith in God and, you know, believing that, you know, all things work together for the good for those who love Him. And I'm just thankful, again, that I got the opportunity and I was able to take advantage of it.

- Great beginning to a big day in Cleveland sports. What do you want to tell those boys over there?

- Bang or boom.

- Boom. Back to you guys.