Greg Allen on filling in for Francisco Lindor in leadoff spot

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Allen joins Andre Knott after the Indians' series sweep and 5th straight win.

- You're the leadoff man for a team that went out and scored nine runs. What is it like when you get on a day where Frankie gets the day off, and you have to go in a leadoff spot? Do you change anything about who you are?

- Not at all, no. You know, I think I try and go into it with the same approach, trying to find a way on base. Obviously, we have a pretty potent lineup. So any time I can find a way on base and hopefully score some runs is always nice.

- What's it like standing behind Corey Kluber and watching him go to work?

- He's something else. He's tremendous. Every time that he goes out to work, it's something special. And you know that he's always going to give you a solid effort, and as it showed today, you know, was able to get to that game pretty well.

- All right. I'm gonna ask something that has nothing to do with today's game. Let's talk about tomorrow. Have you played behind Shane Bieber? And what can fans expect?

- I'm definitely looking forward to Shane's first outing and him making his debut. Special player. I've had a chance to play behind him the past couple years, both in AA and in AAA. It's not a surprise that he's come up through the ranks the way he has. Just his poise, his stuff, just the way that he goes about his work should be really, really special, really fun to watch him go out and do it.