Terry Francona confirms Internet rumors on Bieber’s debut

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Tito had a little fun addressing the Bieber reports.

REPORTER: Do you know there's some reports out that you guys are going to be calling up Bieber starting Thursday. I'm just wondering what you can say.

- Is it on the internet?

REPORTER: It's on a lot of places, but yeah.

- It's on the internet, it's got to be true. Yeah, I mean I think, I hope that they've told him. That was the idea. He's going to make a spot start for us on Thursday. Just we had talked before the game about giving Trevor an extra day. It seems like the right time. It'll be really good for him to gain some experience.

He's going to go back, and we'll tell him that if they haven't already, but it'll be, like I said, it'll be good for him, I think it'll be good for us. And just get a chance to watch him pitch a major league game and hopefully he helps us win. But it'll be just great experience for him.

REPORTER: Did you see, have seen him much?

- No, I mean, I think Chris was afraid to bring him over in spring training, because he knew we were going to want to latch on to him. But from all accounts, he's like in the mold of Kluber. What I mean by routines and work ethic and poise. There's just so many things to like. He's not the finished product. He throws up tons of strikes. And there's so many good things, but he's still developing, which is OK. It'll be fun, it'll be real fun.