Terry Francona believes help will emerge from the Tribe bullpen

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Indians fall 8-2 to Astros as bullpen struggles again.

- He's had three or four games this year, where he'll have a three, four, five hitters sequence.

He let Marisnick back in the count. He got hit, but he picked him off. Then, he had Kemp 0-2 and hit him. The, he walked the next guy on four pitches.

So it's not necessarily that he hung a breaking ball for the home run. But it's kind of what led up to that.

And don't get me wrong, he has pitched so well. I think that just the next step for him is understanding, when you get to that point in the game, limit the damage, put the pitch behind you, and move on. He has pitched really well.

REPORTER: You said it's especially glaring against a team like Houston, where when they get chances like that--

- Yeah. They know how to-- if the ball doesn't end up where it's supposed to or you walk someone, whatever. They'll make a play.

Tonight's a really good example. They turned two into eight in a hurry.

REPORTER: How tough has it been where the bull pen comes in and isn't able to kind of keep the game?

- I thought Oly actually made a really good pitch. I thought we were probably really close to a double-play ball there.

And then, we went to Neil and it got away from us in a hurry. We'll keep trying to put them in a position we think they can succeed in.

Guys will emerge. We believe that. It's just that when you're going through it during the game, it's frustrating.

REPORTER: What have you seen from Morton?

- Oh my goodness. His stuff is-- everybody sees the velocity, but his breaking ball. The spin on his breaking ball is just-- it's an elite curve ball to go with that velocity.