Tristan Thompson on being down 3-2: ‘Win or go to Cancun’

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Thompson discusses Cavs' mindset as they face elimination.

REPORTER: Tristan, them starting Baynes. What kind of effect did you think that had?

- We knew they were probably going to make adjustments. So we had a feeling they were going to start Baynes. Obviously, that adds another big for them, which kind of changes their style of offense and defense. But our energy just wasn't there tonight.

REPORTER: Kyle said he'd never played in a series where he thought home court mattered so much. How do you describe what's going on here?

- I agree with him. First series I've been a part of both teams play completely different on the road. Go back home, backs against the wall. It's kind of been our thing this whole year.

So guys got to be ready. Leave it all on the line. So win or go Cancun.

REPORTER: We've seen how you've respond in those situations, Tristan, but you've got to win here at some point to win this series.

- One game at a time. Got to take care of business at home first.

REPORTER: Is this loss a little bit more discouraging than maybe game 1 or game 2?

- No. It just reminds me of game 1 and game 2. I thought we were over that, but guess we didn't come ready to play tonight. They brought the energy. They knew what was on the line. So it's on us now.


REPORTER: [INAUDIBLE]. How do you explain the offense sometimes looking so smooth [INAUDIBLE]?

- Tonight we were very stagnant. Weren't really moving the ball like we did at home. So we can't go away from that. I think we're a much better team when we move the ball. Can't get it flowing.

You know, obviously we know what looks that we want and what mismatches we want to take advantage of. But if we get the ball moving early, just to get the bodies moving. Just so that-- not everyone's stagnant on the weak side. So once you do that a little bit, but it definitely sets the defensive end first.

REPORTER: Tristan, after Lance had the little flare-up with Morris, you guys went on a 12-3 [INAUDIBLE]. Why were you not able to sustain that?

- It's a game of runs. It's the game of runs we want to run. They weathered that storm and they came out and made shots and made plays at home like they always do. So definitely frustrating just because we just didn't bring the energy. I didn't bring energy.

I think at the end of the day when this team is low energy, it's definitely on me. So I take full responsibility of that. So I know that-- I know what's at stake. Next game.