Jose Ramirez hit ‘home run pitch’ on 3-run blast

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Ramirez after the 10-1 win.

REPORTER: How does he keep patient knowing guys aren't throwing a lot of strikes to him, but knowing when to swing at the right pitches? How do you continue that?


No, I just try to keep concentrated on the pitches that I'm looking for. Try to stay within myself. If he's not throwing me that pitch, then I don't go crazy about it. Just keep on as to what I'm looking for. Were you jammed before the home run? Was the hand hurting a little bit?


Yeah. He threw me a curve ball and I got it out on the hands a little bit. So yeah, my hand was hurting a little bit.

REPORTER: What was the pitch that you hit out?


- I think it was a sinker.

REPORTER: Jose, when you're getting that many of base runners early, just how happy were you to take advantage?


Yeah. No, absolutely. It's great to be able to take advantage of that. Whenever we have runners in the scoring position or runners on base early in the game, we're going to be able to take advantage of it.