Tyler Mahle had to ‘grind it out’ but glad Cincinnati got the victory

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Mahle after the 4-1 win.

- It meant a lot. I was thinking there for a sec that I was going to be out of there pretty quick because of my pitch count and how things were going. So, you know, that would have been a bummer because everyone came out to watch, you know? But I was happy that I was able to grind it out for 5 and get the win, you know, get that third one in a row for us.

- That's about as grinding as any pitcher can do, is it not?

- Yeah. I mean, that's, that's one of the top, top outings that I've had to, you know, grind it out that I can think of. But, you know, it's what you got to do sometimes.

REPORTER: Was it nerves at all, just missing your spots, one of those nights early on?

- Just missing my spots.


- And that's a pretty tall mound. So it took some time to adjust to that. But it wasn't nerves at all. It was just, it was just missing locations.

REPORTER: Had you ever pitched here?

- No. Never.


- I'd been here once.


- Yeah.

REPORTER: How long ago?

- Probably 12 or 13. Just came to watch a Dodger game here.

REPORTER: A lot of pitchers have said it seems like a taller mound, and it's almost like you're pitching downhill. Did you get that sensation?

- Yeah. Yeah, it's definitely a lot taller than the mound we have at home. So like I said, it took me some time to get used to that and know where I had to land for the ball to go where I wanted it to go.

REPORTER: How good is that, though? I mean, that could have gotten away from you really quickly the way things were going in some of those innings, and you stayed in there. Just that's got to be awesome, especially in front of [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, definitely. I mean, you know, you're out there grinding, and you have no choice but to, you know, try to get guys out and try to give up the least amount of runs as possible. And me and [INAUDIBLE] worked really well calling big pitches and big situations with, you know, guys in scoring position. So, so, yeah, I mean, it was really fun, actually.

REPORTER: What was it like when [INAUDIBLE] told you to go out and bat there in the fifth? Were you surprised, or--

- Well, he told me after three. He said, hey, how do you feel, you know? We're going to send you off for one more, but if you get into any trouble, we're going to pull you. I said, OK. So we got through the fourth. And then, he said, and he-- and I was thinking, OK, I'm done. Then, he said, all right, give us one more. I was like, oh, hell yeah.