Young boy battling cancer has special message for Cardale Jones

Ohio State sophomore quarterback Cardale Jones has a huge task ahead of him this weekend. Not only does he have to take over for injured record-setting quarterback J.T. Barrett, but he will be getting his first career start in the biggest game of the season, the Big Ten Championship against Wisconsin.

Luckily for Jones, one of the Buckeyes’ biggest supporters believes he is up to the task.

Joshua Chambers, a young boy battling high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia, has sent and received several messages of support from his beloved Buckeyes this season. Including, most recently, a series of messages with linebacker Joshua Perry.

This time, Joshua had a special message for Jones as he takes on the Badgers.

"Be Brave. If I can beat cancer, you can beat Wisconsin. Go Bucks!"

According to his father, Jeremy Chambers, Joshua made the video in hopes of giving Cardale an extra boost of confidence while most others are doubting him.

"The Cardale video was to hopefully lend an ounce of inspiration to him in the midst of what seems to be a lot of doubt surrounding his ability. Joshua believes that he can do it, and that the Buckeyes will win," (Jeremy) Chambers said.

Chambers also said his son’s relationship with the Buckeyes is a two-way street, his son helps to inspire the players and the players’ support helps his son fight his battle.


"He knows that they help him, but that his little messages and phone calls help inspire them as well," Chambers said. "And it really speaks volumes to the impact the program has had on our son’s battle."

Joshua’s message is a simple, but correct one. If a little boy can take on a big, bad, and ugly thing like cancer and kick its butt, then how hard can it be for Jones to beat the Badgers?

And let’s face it, with a great kid like Joshua behind them, the Buckeyes and Jones can’t lose.

Joshua is currently in remission, but will continue chemotherapy treatment through June of 2016. For more information on Joshua and his journey, or to see other pictures and videos check out his Facebook page.

Be Brave.

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