You’ll be able to watch games from around the NFL in new areas of FirstEnergy Stadium

The east side of FirstEnergy Stadium will feature sections with content that will be of interest to fantasy football owners.

Fantasy football is a big deal for NFL fans, which makes following other teams’ action a high priority for many. This season, the Browns will provide new places to watch action from across the league right inside FirstEnergy Stadium.

The team provided details Monday of two new sections that will each house double-digit amounts of HD televisions showing not just the Browns game but other teams as well.

In the southeast corner of the stadium on the 300 level, fans will have the option of the Bud Light Balcony, which will include an array of live NFL games, including the popular NFL RedZone channel, on 15 HD TVs, as well as a 360-degree bar full of — you guessed it — Anheuser-Busch drinks.

A similar experience will be sponsored by Ford in the stadium’s northeast corner. The Ford Zone will let fans watch NFL action on 10 HD TVs, while they checkout the Browns on the field, the team said.

Ford and Bud Light will also each sponsor an LED board devoted solely to other NFL scores and statistics. That’s on top of the Browns’ addition of two massive new HD video boards made by Daktronics.

These features mark another step in NFL teams’ attempts to cater to fans’ growing interest of every game, widely resulting from the monster that is fantasy football. Yes, fans are invested in their own teams and what’s happening on the field but they also want to know if Megatron has hit pay dirt or Eli Manning’s been picked yet for their fantasy teams. Choice words will likely be hurled, especially in the area where beer is sold.

Last year, the Browns displayed occassional stat updates, such as the top running backs or receivers through games played at the time, on digital boards, which were not as prominent as the new additions. Teams across the league are doing more to appease fantasy football-hungry folks, opening "fantasy lounges" and putting up bigger video boards to show highlights.