Yan Gomes no longer a ‘Goon’?

Last season, the Indians’ bench players went above and beyond what was expected of them on the field.

They made a name for themselves as the team’s super-subs and quickly became fan favorites.

In the dugout, having to spend a lot of time together on the Tribe’s bench, the group bonded and eventually dubbed themselves the ‘Goon Squad’ – an instant hit with fans.

The group includes infielder Mike Aviles, outfielder extraordinaire Ryan Raburn, king of walk-offs Jason Giambi and catcher Yan Gomes.

Here’s the video, if you need a little refresher:

But, as Joel Hammond points out in the latest Indians Tribe Vibe blog,

There’s just one problem: Yan Gomes had graduated to a full-time spot in the Tribe starting lineup. So what happens to his spot in the Goon Squad?

Apparently, he’s out.

Giambi, who is undoubtedly the Godfather of the ‘Goon Squad’, is the one who made the call.

"He’s an everyday guy now!" Giambi told 92.3 The Fan’s "Bull and Fox" show on Tuesday. "Raburn and Aviles couldn’t wait to kick him out."

Gomes responded to Giambi’s comments in a later interview with the show, saying he feels "extremely disrespected" when he’s told he’s no longer a ‘Goon’, and said he disagrees:

"There’s a motto: ‘Once a goon, always a goon.’"

With Gomes finding himself now on the outside looking in, he came up with a simple solution. A ‘Goon Squad’ alumni group.

And it’s safe to say he’d be the founding member.