Who will be the next governor of Brohio?

Screengrab courtesy of Tribe Vibe.

There’s only one position in the world more renowned than the President of the United States. That position? Governor of Brohio

Thousands thought they were bro enough to be the governor of Brohio, but after ‘thorough examination’ of thousands of applications the Cleveland Indians picked their final four.

Each contestant had to enter a video highlighting their qualifications to be governor of BroHio, something like this,

First up is Adam Gockowski and about all you need to know is somehow he finagled Jim Tressel into his video. But, is ‘The Senator’ bro enough?

Next is Ben Henceroth rocking some bro specs and self-titling himself ‘The Govinator’ like Arnold. If he is half the bro Arnold is, he would be a great choice.

The third bro of your choice is, Greg Niemojewski. Greg chose to use the, I have tons of memorabilia and that makes me more broey than you approach. Not a bad move at all.

Finally, Eric Platt rounds out the candidates by showcasing more bro bling than Nick Swisher himself. Also, Eric is showcased in the ultimate bro shirt, the tank top.

Watch all of the videos here and witness the brosplosion of bros.

The candidates will be campaigning Saturday at Tribe Fest and a fan vote will occur later on Indians.com.

Which one of these bros is bro enough to run Brohio?