Weeden’s status unclear as Browns head west

BEREA — Brandon Weeden left the game late with symptoms of a concussion and Pat Shurmur doesn’t sound concerned that Weeden might miss some time.
“Brandon’s fine,” he said. “He’s here.”
Shurmur wouldn’t comment whether Weeden did any physical activity on Monday or if he would play next week.
“It’s very strict protocol when it comes to concussions,” he said. “We have to go through the process. I’m not going to make any predictions.
“I will know way more about the situation Wednesday,” he said. “He’s going through the process.”
Shurmur was asked about Weeden’s performance. He was 17-of-26 for 158 yards with one touchdown and one interception. His rating was 78.7 and is 70.9 overall, for the season.
“(Weeden) did some good things and there are some things that he can clean up,” Shurmur said. “The bottom line is we found a way to win the football game.”
Mike Holmgren said he thinks Weeden can be the franchise quarterback for the Browns.
“I like Brandon Weeden and he has shown in spurts he can throw the ball,” Holmgren said. “I think Brandon can play and can be a very fine quarterback in this league.”
Colt McCoy saw his first action of the season taking the snaps on the final two Browns possessions. He did not throw a pass. If Weeden is unable to play, Shurmur said McCoy is more than capable to step in.
“If Colt goes into the game I expect him to function fine,” he said. “I have all the confidence in the world in Colt and if he goes in there, I expect him to do a good job.”
Shurmur was asked what gives him the confidence in McCoy.
“I watched Colt function during the off-season and through training camp,” he said. “He knows the offense much better than he did last year.”
Holmgren said he thinks McCoy has a future in the NFL.
“I think (he has a future in the NFL),” Holmgren said. “He’s prepared himself and will be ready if he needs to be.”
Shurmur added that he was pleased with the way McCoy handled his demotion to Weeden.
“He has been professional in every way.”
Shurmur said McCoy has got ‘very little’ time practicing with the first team during the season.
Shurmur was asked how long would it take for McCoy to get ready if he’s called upon.
“One week,” he said.  “We’ll do what we have to do in how we plan to go against Oakland.”

Holmgren Farewell: Mike Holmgren stopped to meet with the media informally after Shurmur’s press conference after it was announced on Sunday’s broadcast that the Steelers game was his last with the Browns.
“My time of meetings has run its course and it’s time,” Holmgren said.
Holmgren was asked if he had any frustrations
“The only frustration is when you don’t satisfy your goals,” Holmgren said. “Only time will tell, but I think the team is (heading in the right direction).
“I came in wanting to accomplish some things and think the fans will see some good results moving forward,” he said. “When I watch the Browns play on TV, I will take great pride in watching the team.”
Holmgren said he is very thankful for his time in Cleveland.
Holmgren was asked again to clear up his future plans as rumors about him returning to coaching. Two weeks ago, he refuted a report linking him to the Cowboys.
“What I will tell you today is we are going to fly to Phoenix and then catch my breath, take it easy and ride my motorcycle,” he said. “I honestly don’t know if I’m going to go back to work. I don’t know if it will be in football in some of the non-profits that we are interested in.”
Shurmur said he appreciates the time he spent with Holmgren and hiring him to his first NFL head coaching job.
“I’m appreciative of Mike to trust me and give me this opportunity,” Shurmur said. “I’ve enjoyed our time we’ve spent together. We all know there has been change here in the last few months and that’s part of this business.”
Sheldon Brown said there is no question that the Browns are better than they were before Holmgren arrived.
“There is no question,” Brown said. “We have much more talent and (Tom) Heckert and (Pat) Shurmur had a lot to do with it.”
Looking for a Win Streak: The Browns have yet to win two games in a row this season and are hoping to springboard from their win over the Steelers as they head to play the Raiders this week. 
“When you beat a good opponent, no matter how you do it gives you confidence,” Shurmur said. “And then you want to hit the re-set button and try to re-create the process heading into the next game.”
Haden Value: The Browns are 3-3 in games that CB Joe Haden has played and 0-5 when he doesn’t.
Shurmur was asked if he regrets not having Haden for those five games.
“I don’t look back,” Shurmur said. “Unless something crazy happens, he should be there next week. You can’t look back. You can’t do that.”