Watch: Josh Gordon weighs in on LeBron coming back to Cavs, playing for Browns

Will LBJ come back to Cleveland? Josh Gordon says he "knows Dan Gilbert wants him back."


David Richard/David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Gordon is  a rising star — one of the most talented young players in the NFL.

There’s no doubt his performance on the field has gained a lot of attention and he’s quickly becoming a fan favorite in Cleveland — a city that hasn’t seen a player with this much talent since…

You guessed it. LeBron James.

So how does the Browns receiver feel about LBJ? Does he think he’ll come back to Cleveland and suit up for the Cavaliers once again? Or better yet, the Browns?

Check out the video of Gordon’s interview where they discussed those very topics on Crowd Goes Wild.

LeBron James, tight end for the Cleveland Browns. We like the sound of that. But unless he can play quarterback, he’d probably be better off with the Cavs.

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