Three Takeaways from the Blue Jackets 5-3 loss to Pittsburgh

One: You can’t give the NHL’s third best power play six PP’s and expect them not to score. The Penguins capitalized on half of them. Without the numerous penalties, Columbus was in this game. It was two valuable points against a divisional opponent that they let slip away from them.

Two: The Blue Jackets fore-check was working very well against Pittsburgh, causing turnovers and creating scoring chances throughout the game. The fore-check directly led to the first goal scored tonight by Columbus’ Brandon Dubinsky. Consistency is the name of the game for Columbus.

Three: Columbus managed to sustain pressure on the Penguins, especially in the second period. This sustained pressure led to numerous scoring chances. The fore-check, sustained pressure, causing turnovers and creating scoring chances all go hand-in-hand. Columbus is playing with a consistency that wasn’t there in the earlier part of the season.