Three takeaways from the Blue Jackets 4-3 loss to Pittsburgh

One: The Penguins played Game Six as if they wanted to close out the series, which they ultimately did. Columbus was a step slow throughout the night, with no push back evident. Maybe this was as far as they could go due to experience and maturity.

Two: After the first four minutes of the game, Columbus was unable to get the puck deep and regain possession. "Blue Jackets hockey" this most assuredly was not. They opened the game up a bit as Pittsburgh let their foot slightly off the gas, but in reality, the outcome was not in doubt from midway through the first period.

Three: Columbus showed some fight in the later stages of the third period, not going down empty-handed. They finally got "their" game going, to the delight of the sold out, standing-room only crowd, by scoring three goals in just 4:52. This heralds the beginning of the next step looking towards next season.

Overtime: The officiating was sub-par for the majority of this series, with non-calls, missed and ticky-tack calls. Players were taking liberties that would normally find them sitting on the pine in the penalty box. I’ve seen better officiating at high school games. I thought these were supposed to be the "best of the rest"?