The heart of Columbus is split between Reds, Indians fanhood

Baseball fanhood mapped out by Facebook users' zip codes.

Screenshot from NYT

How do you choose a team if you live smack dab between Indians and Reds territory? Maybe you root for who was better during those all-important formative years, or follow in the footsteps of mom, dad or grandma and grandpa.

No matter your method of selection, when it all shakes out, the center of Ohio goes right down the middle between identifying as Reds or Indians fans.

In a really cool interactive map, the New York Times lays out baseball fanhood by county/zip code of Facebook users across the United States.

Licking, Delaware and Franklin counties each have the same percentage of Indians and Reds fans, according to the map.

Ohio is predictably Indians to the northeast and Reds to the south. The Tigers take the territory toward Toledo in northwest Ohio and the Pirates sneak in with a few counties on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border.

Ottawa and Wood counties are perhaps the most interesting of that Tigers sect, narrowly going for the Tigers over the Indians. Move further north along Ohio’s border and some Cubs infiltration begins.

While the Reds and Indians make up the bulk of the fan percentage in each county, those Yankees and Red Sox rear their heads into the discussion as well, making up more than 10 percent of the sample in some Indians or Reds-dominant counties.