Stay classy, San Diego: Station sets off Twitter feud with Indians fans

Heavy rain hits Progressive Field.

Connor Kiesel/FOX Sports Ohio

"If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all." A local news station in San Diego decided not to follow that idiom Monday.

The Padres were set to start a series with the Indians in Cleveland but rain forced the game to be postponed. And when you reside in sunny San Diego there’s no settling for less without some snark.

The Indians took notice of the tweet and put it out there to the Tribe faithful…

Who of course fired back with some colorful responses.

Yes, it rains in Cleveland in April, as it does in many cities across the great U-S-of-A. And here’s one for the fine folks in San Diego – while it may be warm in Cali, the Padres batters are anything but that, sporting a team average of .189 in their first six games.