Squirrel on the field causes delay of Indians game

The Cleveland Indians had a special visitor to the ballpark on Saturday when a squirrel crashed the party.

In the bottom of the 6th inning during Michael Brantley’s at-bat, the little fur ball made his way onto the field and caused a minor raucous. The tree-dweller weaved and zig-zagged its way all over the infield until it delayed the game enough that Minnesota Twins manager Paul Molitor came out to have a word with the home plate umpire to get the show on the road. The umpire then flagged down the grounds crew to wrangle in the little critter. A couple members of the Indians grounds crew then chased the squirrel up the left-field line until they were able to force the squirrel into the seats where hopefully the little guy made it to safety.

Could this be the new Rally Squirrel?