claims there is a fan base more tortured than the Browns

Will Leitch of released his first edition of Tortured Franchise Rankings for the NFL today and according to him, the Cleveland Browns are not the most tortured franchise of all time.

Leitch only ranked the franchises based on their accomplishments in the Super Bowl era. Headlining the top of the list as least tortured were the Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots.

Most Browns fans would say their franchise is the most tortured of all time, but Leitch has the Buffalo Bills ranked as the most tortured on his list.

The Bills have had a tough go during the Super Bowl era, making it to four Super Bowl and losing every single one. It’s clearly tough to be a Bills fan, but is it really tougher than being a Browns fan?

Is it better to at least make the Super Bowl and lose, or not make the big game at all?

The Browns did just hire their head coach from the most tortured franchise of all time, so that can only hurt their ranking right?