Sometimes the best trades aren’t made

With the NFL trade deadline passing, Browns fans can take a deep sigh of relief that Josh Gordon is still on the roster.

After weeks of rumors by national correspondents that the Browns were entertaining offers to possibly deal Gordon and Jordan Cameron among others, nothing materialized.

It’s obvious that Gordon is one strike away from being suspended by the NFL, but players are one play away from season-ending injuries, as well. (i.e. Travis Benjamin, Brian Hoyer). After watching the Browns offense for a long time, the Browns need more play makers, not less.

Gordon is definitely the most explosive player on the offensive side of the ball. He is hardly a finished product, but he is the one player that defenses have to account for.

NFL GMs are obsessed with draft picks, but even if the Browns were to have received a first- or second-round draft choice for Gordon, there is no guarantee they would be able to draft a player with the play-making ability that Gordon has.

A painful memory for Browns fans is not too long ago the Browns accumulated three second-round selections (Brian Robiskie, Mohamed Massaquoi and David Veikune) and none of them did a whole lot. There is a new regime drafting the players now, but even though it’s too early to evaluate their first draft, only Barkevious Mingo is contributing in a major role this year to date. Third-round pick Leon McFadden has not been able to get on the field as a cornerback, which is a position that the Browns could use help at. Just because the Browns have a ton of draft picks in 2014 doesn’t assure they will pick the right players.

The perception is that the trade for Trent Richardson is tilting in the Browns direction. However, I don’t see any backs on the roster currently better than Richardson. It is fine to trade players, but until there is an upgrade or at least an equivalent replacement, it isn’t always the best thing to do. Whatever happened to the adage, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”?

The Browns might not be better with Richardson, but would they be a better team without Gordon this Sunday and moving forward?

It probably will remain a mystery at what price the Browns would have pulled the trigger on the trade for Gordon, but at least for now, the Browns are better off.