Someone took anger out on the whiteboard in Ohio State locker room

Friday was a rough night for Buckeye nation, as careless mistakes and sloppy football eventually led to Ohio State’s Orange Bowl loss to Clemson.

If you thought it was tough to watch as a fan, imagine how it felt to be one of the players or coaches who let the game slip away. It must’ve been maddening — maddening enough to make you punch something. Like a whiteboard in the locker room . . .

Here’s a closer look . . .

(Photo via @dkurtenbach)

The photos were taken after the game, but apparently the white board was actually busted beforehand. At least that’s what Ohio State is saying:

Either way, we’re not surprised. After all, the whiteboard damage is nothing compared to the mess the Buckeyes made of the Illini visitor’s locker room earlier this season.