Sam Amico: could be a month before Cavs hire new coach

FOX Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico made an appearance on 92.3 The Fan on Friday and had some interesting news on the Cavs coaching search. Amico said he suspects the search for the Cavs next head coach will go right up to the NBA Draft on June 26th.

"I don’t think their going to make a decision before June 15 or so," said Amico.

As far as which direction the Cavs will go for their new head coach, Amico says David Griffin wants someone who fits, but Amico expects the coach to be someone who is highly offensive minded.

With the way the playoffs have gone so far this season, teams like the Bulls who are based solely off of defense have been upset by teams with more offensive firepower.

"The old defense grind it out ugly game that’s the NBA of five, six, seven years ago," said Amico.

Amico also gave his opinion on who he thinks the Cavs would take with their No. 1 overall pick if the draft was today.

"I’m gonna go with Joel Embiid right now," Amico said.

Embiid is defensively an NBA caliber big man, but concerns about his health and ability to score may make the Cavs shy away for him.

So, in terms of the trade market and who the Cavs might make a move for to continue to entice LeBron back to Cleveland?

Kevin Love is out there, but Amico throws out a couple of different names. Sam said he believes Sacremento is always willing to look at options for moving Demarcus Cousins and that big man Brooke Lopez could also be an option.

Overall, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a lot of important decisions to make this off-season.