Amico on Ray Allen: ‘I think he knows what he’s going to do’

What Ray Allen will do remains a big question before the NBA's regular season begins?

Steve Mitchell/Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

What’s the latest on Ray Allen and where (if anywhere) in the NBA he’ll end up this season?

Sam Amico talked about Allen, as well as a number of other subjects on Kenny Roda’s podcast Wednesday.

"I think he has reached a decision. I think he knows what he’s going to do. Do I know what that is? No," Amico said.

Sam says it’s funny that people are all fired up about a guy that’s probably going to get you two baskets a gam but does add that knowing Ray Allen those will be two big baskets.

So where does Allen end up?

"My gut tells me he’ll join the Cavs," Amico said. "My gut’s also told me to go to Taco Bell at 3 a.m. so it’s not always right."

Listen as Sam and Kenny also discuss the Cavs’ win over the Pacers, LeBron’s efficient night, and give an update on injuries: