Replay Cavs-Lakers game from 12/19/1990 tomorrow at 8pm

As the Cavs wrap up their west coast road trip, FOX Sports Ohio will take fans back to 1990 when the Cavs hosted the L.A. Lakers at the Richfield Coliseum in an exciting game that resulted in a Cavs win. Don’t miss the re-air of the Cavs-Lakers game from December 19, 1990 tomorrow at 8:00pm on FOX Sports Ohio.

Coached by Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens, the Cavs starters were All-Star Brad Daugherty, Larry Nancy, Craig Ehlo, Chucky Brown and Steve Kerr. Nance had 26 points, and both he and Daugherty had 15 rebounds to lead the Cavs to the 84-74 win.

The Lakers started Hall of Famers Magic Johnson and James Worthy along with Sam Perkins, Byron Scott and Vlade Divac. Johnson led with 15 assists.

It all begins tomorrow at 8:00pm on FOX Sports Ohio!

Click for photos of the who’s who from the 1990 Cavs and Lakers.