Proper colors required at Ohio State

Ohio State, understandably, has been a hot spot for NFL scouts to visit this month. 
Those scouts now know not to wear blue when they visit the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. 
At points last year, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer let it be known that visitors to Buckeyes practices were not to wear blue, presumably because that’s the primary color of Michigan, Ohio State’s biggest rival. 
On the first day NFL scouts were allowed to observe Ohio State’s practice this month, at least two were wearing blue. And at some point during their time in Ohio State’s facility, Meyer’s message about what not to wear was passed along through Ohio State and staffers and even involved some players yelling to the scouts that blue was not welcome. 
Eventually, those scouts in blue were given Ohio State shirts to wear for the duration of their visit. 
One scout for an NFC team who was there but not directly involved acknowledged that the incident was “embarrassing,” but didn’t want to say anything further. 
Said another longtime scout who’s been to Ohio State this month but not the day of the incident: “It’s just not something that needed to happen. It could have been handled much better, and if that (blue-shirt) rule is going to be enforced, they could let us know.” 
Until the NFL Draft process really picks up in the winter, scouts are generally on the same team. They simply want access and a chance to observe, learn and do their jobs. Getting bullied isn’t supposed to be part of the job description. 
With Ohio State rolling and entering the 2013 season at No. 2, it’s Meyer’s world. Those who visit don’t necessarily have to pay rent, but they apparently do need to be careful with their wardrobe choices. 
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