Rose: ‘I’ll get into the Hall of Fame, but might not live to see it’

Pete Rose is still holding out hope that he'll get into the Baseball Hall of Fame someday.

Pete Rose says he fully expects to get into the Hall of Fame someday — even if he’s not alive to see it.

In an interview with CBS News, Rose talked about why he jeopardized his sports career and shares his thoughts on his future Hall of Fame Status.

"Yes," Rose said when asked if he thinks he’ll be in the Hall of Fame someday. "Sure, I don’t know if I’m going to live to see it. Someone, at some period of time, will feel it in their heart to give me a second chance. I may be six feet under, but that’s what you’ve got to live with."

Rose also admitted that he "screwed up" and doesn’t know why he "risked it all."

"That’s a good question, I can’t answer that. I usually have an answer for everything. The best way to say it is, I screwed up."

Rose remains Major League Baseball’s all-time hits leader with 4,256. Rose agreed to be declared permanently ineligible from Major League Baseball in 1989 for gambling on games while managing the Cincinnati Reds. With Commissioner Bud Selig retiring in January, many have speculated that Rose’s status might be reconsidered by new incoming Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Rose’s interview will air in it’s entirety on "CBS Sunday Morning" Sunday at 9 a.m.

(H/T CBS News)