OSU AD Gene Smith gets $18K bonus for wrestler’s title

Logan Stieber's wrestling national championship means a reward for Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith.

Jeff Curry

It’s good to be Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith.

The Associated Press in Columbus reported that Smith will receive a bonus of $18,447.94 — one week’s worth of his standard pay — for Ohio State junior wrestler Logan Stieber winning a national championship last weekend.

Smith signed a new contract this year that pays him a bonus for "exceptional athletic achievements," including Final Four and Bowl Championship Series appearances or titles won by individuals in any of 20 sports.

Smith’s been both exceptionally resilient and successful at Ohio State. The memorabilia and tattoo scandal of 2010 cost longtime football coach Jim Tressel his job and kept the 2012 unbeaten Buckeye football team out of the postseason

With the new contract also came a vice president title and job security through 2020.

Smith has a base salary of $940,484. He could earn more than $1.5 million a year in salary and bonuses under the pact that runs through June 2020. He’s guaranteed $1.4 million per year, and other bonuses come for Big Ten titles and student-athlete academic performance.