Ohio State players pull hilarious troll job on Heisman finalists

Who needs a Heisman Trophy when you've won the national championship?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This year’s Heisman finalists were an impressive group of players.

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, Alabama receiver Amari Cooper and record-breaking Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon all had historic seasons.

But in the end, none of them turned heads on a national stage the way Ohio State did.

And in the end, all three Heisman finalists were simultaneously destroyed by Ohio State in the College Football Playoffs — something the Buckeyes will never let them forget.

So on Thursday, a couple of Ohio State players — Sophomore defensive back Tyvis Powell and freshman linebacker Darron Lee — took to social media to have some fun with their defeated postseason foes.

Do the Buckeyes feel like some of their players were snubbed in the Heisman race?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But one thing is for sure — they’d take that national championship over a Heisman trophy any day of the week.