Not how he beat Shaq: Aaron Carter vs. college kids in pickup basketball

Aaron Carter once showed Shaq how it's done.  


He once vividly explained to the world how he beat Shaq. Thursday, Aaron Carter took his hoops skills to the basketball courts of Ohio University’s South Green — and it didn’t go quite so well.

Carter was at the school in Athens to perform for his hoards of adoring fans, aka some kids who were like five when his "biggest hits" came out, at an outdoor concert. Before he took the stage, Carter hit the court.

From the sounds of it, his basketball skills may be on the decline.

Remember this is the guy who once "put it in the hoop like slam" and slayed NBA superstar Shaq.

Last year, Shaq got his rematch and some sweet revenge.

Carter’s career regression may be the most stark we’ve seen in the sport since Jason Kidd couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in last year’s NBA playoffs.