Nick Swisher shows he would make a hilarious roommate

Comedian Mike Polk with his spring training roomie Nick Swisher

The Mike Polk Jr. Show

If you were to ever share a bunk with ever-enthusiastic Indians outfielder Nick Swisher, be prepared for a little less shut-eye.

Space was a bit limited at the Indians spring training facility in Goodyear, comedian Mike Polk says, so he was given a roommate for his trip, none other than the founder of Brohio himself.

In the video from "The Mike Polk Jr. Show," Swisher is the prototype of the summer camp kid who keeps everybody up all night — but makes you laugh all the while.

It’s difficult not to chuckle as you watch Swisher do pushups in the top bunk or give his rendition of a classic rock song.

From rambunctious roommate to Ohio State football player in last year’s outstanding take on the Harlem Shake, Swisher may be giving his actress wife Joanna Garcia a run for her money.