Fake fight breaks out at NHL All-Star Game

Members of Team Toews and Team Foligno grab onto each other after a whistle in the second period.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL All-Star Game got oh so serious late in the second period when both teams truly realized all that was on the line.

After Blue Jackets All-Star Ryan Johansen was stopped at the net by Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford and Capitals star Alex Ovechkin kept pushing at the puck, players nearly came to blows (not really, but they pretended to for a few seconds).

Valiant show of camaraderie by Team Toews in this all-important contest.  

In an interview played on the scoreboard during the second intermission, Johansen had the best, dry quote: "It’s a close, intense game," he said of the 11-8 score between Team Foligno and Team Toews following two periods.

The whole scrum honestly looks like one big group hug. Hockey is very rarely a sport where much love is shown on the ice, so let’s just let this be for one day.